Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The College aims to provide a favorable ambience to inculcate qualities and develop abilities amidst students from marginalized sections of our society so that they may contribute fruitfully to Nation Building. The college encourages pursuit of Higher Education so that students in this remote area may enrich and prepare themselves for various professional vocations.

Our Vision

The college envisions to serve as a sanctum of higher education for the students from the coastal rural areas of Purba Medinipur district, especially those from under-developed background. The College wants to develop itself as a repository of knowledge about the local area and wants to serve as a favourable platform for explorations in local history, culture, ecology, literary and social practices.


Ø  The college aims at providing holistic education, leading to the development of integrated individuals. 

Ø  The college endeavours to foster a sense of social responsibility, discipline and tolerance among the students. 

Ø  Keeping in view the objectives of higher education of the nation, the college tries to promote gender equality and ensure eradication of discrimination against women and marginalised gender identities. 

Ø  More than sixty percent of students of the college belong to SC/ ST communities and many belong to B.P.L. households. Taking into consideration their need, the college wants to provide education which would prepare the students for the job market and thus wants to upgrade and update its infrastructure continually. 

Ø  The college also spreads awareness about ecological changes and challenges and encourages ecological preservation and sanitation drives. The college campus is maintained as a Plastic-Free and Tobacco-Free zone. 

Ø  The college provides an interactive educational set-up facilitated by multimedia and ICT presentations. It endeavours to build a bridge between teachers and the local community, including parents, which is of utmost importance for First Generation Learners.