Principal's Message

From Principal's Desk

Just as beauty is the manifestation of latent perfection of nature, so also is "education... the manifestation of the perfection already in man. "Khejuri College has believed in this percept of Swami Vivekananda and its eventful journey in the last two decades has been steps in that direction. The College has been born entirely out of donations, in cash and in kind, by the educationists, well-wishers and the indigenous people of the locality as they endeavored to sculpt an enduring ark for the quest of knowledge. It is quite natural that they are filled with fervent hope and expectation for the future development of this institution. We are trying to leave no stone unturned to quench their heartfelt desire. This is our sacred duty. As we unfurl our sails in the vernal wind, we invite fellow explorers in this fascinating odyssey.    

- Dr. Suvroma Gupta

Principal of the Khejuri College , Baratala , Purba Medinipur